The Southwestern Cycling Centre of Ontario

The Southwestern Cycling Centre of Ontario delivers cycling education to all ages, in schools, community centers and workplaces. We teach safe cycling and basic bicycle maintenance to motivate people to cycle. We works towards inspiring and engaging people to try cycling in our community to improve health, quality of life and the environment. Our activities including education, training and development are supported by many valued volunteers.

Beginner, novice and experienced cyclists, we will help you learn and develop your cycling skills for whatever goals you’ve got in mind. Youth, juniors, seniors, masters, recreational riders, we are a cycling centre for everyone!

The Southwestern Cycling Centre of Ontario is an educational cycling centre where the focus is on skill development and education. We offer more than a volunteer club can expect to offer in terms of educational and training opportunities for all cyclists.

What does the Southwestern Cycling Centre of Ontario offer?

  • Basic Bicycling Skill Programs
  • Road, Track, MTB, and Cyclocross Disciplines
  • Training and Coaching by NCCP Competition Development Coach
  • Talent Identification
  • Competition Development
  • Performance Cycling Development
  • Social Rides and Group Ride Skills and Etiquette
  • Challenge Rides
  • Youth Development, Racing and High Performance Programs
  • Masters and Adult programs
  • Winter Training
  • Performance Testing and Evaluation
  • Yearly Training Plans
  • Elementary, Secondary and Post-Secondary Courses (forthcoming)
  • Road Safety Training and Education
  • Bike Maintenance Skills

We welcome your involvement with the Southwestern Cycling Centre of Ontario as an athlete, coach, parent, volunteer or supporter. Please contact us should you wish to find out more about our programs or services.

The Southwestern Cycling Centre of Ontario also works with families requiring support to help cover the costs of equipment and bicycles. We welcome any and all donations including gently used equipment and clothing.

Road Cycling Education

Bikes teach.

They teach independence. They teach activity. They teach valuable skills.

The Southwestern Cycling Center of Ontario brings cycling within reach of youth and adults from all walks of life. Basic cycling provides a new opportunity, both youth and adults can explore their world and embrace a healthy lifestyle. While the bicycle is our vehicle for reaching people, our educational programming will make the real impact.

Why do you need a cycling program? Can’t I just get on and pedal?

Most of us would agree that very few people would suggest someone just get into a car and drive without learning the rules of the road and the proper technique. Even after watching people drive for years as a passenger. Can you imagine what the roads would be like?

The same principle applies to cycling and riding a bike safely requires skill development and knowledge. Many people do participate in races without proper skill training and we teach how to ride and race under these conditions. And, a lot of practice doing it the right way is needed. Simply training with experienced cyclists does not provide all the necessary skills and knowledge that having a NCCP certified coach provides athletes. The sessions at the Southwestern Cycling Centre of Ontario offer these skills and knowledge that makes significant difference for safety and comfort–providing the basics for self-improvement and practice–which can ultimately lead to high performance competitive cycling.

At the SCCO, we work with you to improve your cycling skills and abilities and help you become a better rider. Riders will learn fundamentals that will help them move forward and achieve whatever goals they want to reach.

The SCCO is based on the principle that cycling can be a fun experience where you can discover the freedom, exercise and socializing that comes with being able to ride.

You can get there from here.

Regardless of what kind of cyclist you are — or want to be — we can help:

  •    an experienced cyclist wanting to upgrade your skills or make the ride easier.
  •    a new cyclist wanting to start commuting to work.
  •    a sport cycling enthusiast looking to make your training program safe.
  •    a recreational cyclist who wants to increase the range you can ride.
  •    someone who wants to ride a bike — or ride it on the road — for the first time.
  •    a competitive cyclist wishing to learn techniques and plans for effective training.
  •    a cyclist that wants to learn better technique, such as how to win a final sprint.

Become a safer, more confident cyclist:

  • Learn techniques to be more visible to drivers.
  • Discover easy-to-learn riding skills that make riding on roads safer.
  • Learn the bicycle laws in Ontario.
  • Realize how fun and safe biking in traffic can be.

Defensive Cycling:

  • Become more skilled at riding in traffic.
  • Develop strong bike-handling skills.
  • Line of sight, visibility, signalling and predictable riding.

General Cycling Skills

Each of our programs offers skill-appropriate training and instruction. We structure our programming to try and keep similar skill and age groups together to promote peer development and try and keep it fun!

Some of the skills new and experienced cyclists will learn include:

  • Bike fit
  • Helmet fit
  • Bike mechanics
  • Riding techniques
  • Riding in a straight line
  • Riding through obstacles
  • Dealing with unexpected events
  • Lane positioning
  • Balance
  • Pedalling
  • Steering
  • Gearing
  • Shoulder checking
  • Signalling
  • Quick turns
  • Emergency stopping
  • Group riding
  • Riding etiquette
  • Right of way
  • Rules of the road